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If you say the truth, you don’t need a good memory.

There is nothing like a trustworthy person. It gives you a sense of harmony, love, respect, transparency. It is an unparalleled legacy and also an honor to inspire others in a positive way. There are people with whom one gathers and goes out edified. There are others that steal all the energy because they are troubled, negative and never tell the truth. Fast talker are liars, and they need to have a good memory until shame catches up with them.

No hay nada como una persona confiable. Te da una sensación de armonía, amor, respeto, transparencia. Es un legado incomparable y también un honor inspirar a otros de una manera positiva. Hay personas con quienes uno se reúne y sale edificado. Hay otros que roban toda la energía porque están preocupados, son negativos y nunca dicen la verdad. Los habladores, casi siempre son mentirosos y necesitan una buena memoria hasta que caen en la vergüenza.

Finally, Elections are over.

The people spoke while the rainbow beside the Capitol during sunset is a reminder of who is really in control. A lesson to be learned. For now, Have faith.


It has never been more important to vote than now, but who is the lesser of the two evils? Here is how to vote. Just answer truthfully.

Would you trust the person you want to vote for to:

  1. Handle your retirement portfolio?
  2. Be your personal financial adviser?
  3. Be  you marriage counselor?
  4. Be your children’s therapist? psychology?
  5. Be your children sexuality teacher?
  6. Be your children’s best friend?
  7. Be your children honesty role model ?
  8. Be your children’s example of respect for themselves and others?
  9. Be your children’s example of honesty?
  10. Be your children’s example of hard work to make a living?
  11. Be your children school teacher?
  12. Teach your children how to solve problems with decency?
  13. Teach your children kindness, dependability and good words?
  14. Teach your children self confidence and character?
  15. Teach your children obedience and yet positive attitude?
  16. Teach your children not to cheat?
  17. Teach your children accountability, not poor excuses?
  18. Teach your children money without education is a curse?
  19. Teach your children importance of faith?
  20. Teach your children the fear of God?

Now, go and VOTE. You just got the right one for the future of your family and the country.


The Day Trump Became a Puppet

It seems like on the best day of Trump’s life, he got a call from Putin that fattened his ego like never before. My imagination goes like this:

Putin: You are the smarter guy I’ve even known. You can even become #POTUS if you wish.

Trump: I know that. I’m actually dreaming of it for a long time.

Putin: OK. I can help you with that. I know how to put you in the #WH. Guarantee.

Trump: Let’s talk.

… Putin portrayed the plan, the conditions and the key cards to play in the administration to work as smooth as possible. They got the complete organization chart for the campaign and for the administration as President of the United States of America. Something like this but with names on each box.

[[File:US Department of State organizational chart.svg|US Department of State organizational chart]]
But their plan was more complete. Their chart included a name from President to the cook and everything in between. It also included the replacement cards in order for the plan to work perfectly. The betrayal, the pitch, the slogan, actions and reactions, and of course… Money and sanctions!

The day the nation cried. The day Trump’s castle starting to crumbling down.

Was it worthy dragging the businessman reputation for the catastrophic administration? Was it right jeopardizing the integrity of the entire family ties for the sake of greed and an unsatisfied ego? Was it honorable and rewarding showing the world his most intimate weaknesses and incompetent point?

Charges, indictment, justice, consequences and shame.

Big mistake. Big regrets.

Thank you Dad and Mom

When I see so much disrespect towards woman or anyone, I give thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ for the parents I had. My parents taught us character, respect and moral values. We were taught to say Yes, Yes and No, NO!  We were taught early in life that values are not negotiable not even for the best job or money. Bully and values starts at home. This is a parent responsibility and it cannot be endorsed to the school, church, authority, government, caretaker or grandparents. Once old… it’s too late. It brings shame to the families and from there to the communities, nations and the world.

” A tree that grows crooked nobody can straighten it” My Dad.

What The Heck Is Going On In The World? (My own opinion.)

Apart from the subject of politics, we have become a society of “instant satisfaction.” It’s OK to be fast, it’s great to have quick responses but to pretend changes in life must be instant, it’s problematic.  Today we accept sabotage, we oppose to anything and everything in most cases just to call attention, to let someone or the world know “I’m here, I matter, and I’m powerful.” Here are some facts. Continue reading “What The Heck Is Going On In The World? (My own opinion.)”