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A Political Party Until Dead Do Us Part? Think Twice.

With this post, I intend to debate the reasoning of belonging to a political party until dead do us part. In other words, I’m democrat, Republican or Independent no matter what roach decided for whatever reason that he or she could be the president of a nation.

political party is an organized group of people who have the same ideology, or who otherwise have the same political positions, and who field candidates for elections, in an attempt to get them elected and thereby implement the party’s agenda. In this posting I will attempt to show how the most powerful parties have departed from the Original ideology. This article is only intended to show how people who are married to a political party, have departed from the original base of it.

While there is some international commonality in the way political parties are recognized and in how they operate, there are often many differences, and some are significant. Most of political parties have an ideological core, but some do not, and many represent ideologies very different from their ideology at the time the party was founded. As individuals, we usually identify with the ideology of a party and almost everyone have a common believe that their party has the best option for the nation we all love.

The problem when we believe that the party is the solution, is that we blindly also accept whoever is the candidate as the person that is going to defend the ideology of the party, my party, the one I believe is the best option. Big mistake!

Can you tell your child with pride

“I pray you become like him/her one day.”

Think Twice!

Trump or Biden? Think Twice. Look at the heart and intentions.
Trump or Biden?
No perfection on mother earth. No one, Not even “me.”
Select the best.

Electing a Candidate

When a pool of candidates presents their names to represent a specific political party, people immediately assume or discriminate against the candidate representing the opposition. This is a very risky way to elect a person specially if the position is not for president of a nation. Why? for the same reason we love our nation and defend the constitution. As smart individuals that we are, WE KNOW that while there are multiple reasons that can lead a person to go through hell campaigning, fighting, betraying, arguing, trashing others character, there is also a slim possibility some may do it for a genuine love to preserve the root of the party, the nation and institutions. For most, it’s all about a position of power to feed their egos, greed and opportunism.

The Republican Party, also known as GOP (Grand Old Party)was founded in 1854. It allowed for the potential expansion of slavery into certain U.S. territories.  Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president. What was its base?

Slavery: People, mainly African Americans, were treated as the chattel (personal property) of the owner. They were bought and sold as commodities, forced to labor and marriage.

US Slave Free 1789-1861

embeded: US Slave Free 1789-1861

Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Act 1965: It prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin when hiring, promoting or firing.  It also enforces the constitutional right to vote, to confer jurisdiction upon the district courts of the United States to provide relief against discrimination in public accommodations, to authorize the attorney General to institute suits to protect constitutional rights in public facilities and public education, to extend the Commission on Civil Rights, to prevent discrimination in federally assisted programs, to establish a Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity, and for other purposes.

Gun Violence in the USA

The modern GOP supports lower taxes, free market capitalism, restrictions on immigration, increased military spending, gun rights, restrictions on abortion, deregulation and restrictions on labor unions.

The Democratic Party: The Party of The People. It traces its heritage back to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. It was founded around 1828 by supporters of Andrew Jackson, making it the world’s oldest active political party.[18] In its early years, the Party supported limited government, where the government’s power is restricted by law which is written in its constitution. The limited government of the United States is split into a system of checks and balances so that the branches within the government have shared responsibilities and one division does not become more important than the other.

Democrats tend to take a more liberal stand on important issues. They believe that the federal government should take a more active role in people’s lives, particularly those who are in need.

One example is Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency (1933–1945). To pull the U.S. out of an economic depression, Roosevelt started a slew of government programs to create jobs.

The modern Democratic party emphasizes egalitarianism, social equality, protecting the environment, and strengthening the social safety net through liberalism. They support voting rights and minority rights, including LGBT rights, multiculturalism, and religious secularism.

RATE YOUR PARTY: How would you rate your party? Does it work hard to end discrimination? harassment? Does it care for the low income class? Does it defend EEO? Right to vote? Does it believe that the AG must protect the constitution? Does the party represent the founders’ ideology in an unquestionable way? Does it protect the nation from international threats? Does if fight humanitarian challenges? Does it condemn abortion but silently destroy people mentally, physically and even death by not establishing an affordable healthcare system for all? How about mass murders? Does it care more for the lobbyists and their money than the cry of the people? How about $24 trillion Debt? How do you rate it? It’s time for courage and determination.

It’s time stop belonging to a political party until dead do us part. Divorce!

The Liberal Ideology: The definition of liberalism has changed over time, but modern-day liberals tend to believe that government should intervene in the economy and provide a broad range of social services to ensure well-being and equality across society. Liberals usually believe that the government should not regulate, religion, private sexual or social behaviors.

The Progressive Ideology: ‘Progressive’ is used interchangeably with ‘liberal’ by many today; others argue that the two terms are distinct. Those who consider the terms separate may say that liberals believe in protecting previously disadvantaged groups from discrimination, while progressives believe it’s the government’s job to address past wrongs and reform the systemic issues that caused those disadvantages in the first place.

In Summary.

Candidates and political parties always present to the people their “made up good intentions” to deceive people and win followers. That’s not enough to elect a candidate to any position of leadership in government. History has taught / showed us time after time that self interest, power and ego are the main reason many run for a federal/governmental position.

When electing a candidate, we must scrutinize the heart, the mind and the real intentions behind the candidate. We must select the best from both parties to make sure we always have a government with check and balances to protect our institutions. We must defend the party from self-serving individuals and “remove all the damaged kernels” from all parties. We can’t take chances. Our democracy is in peril and the world is hungry for unlimited power, we must clean house.

A total of 470 seats in the U.S. Congress (35 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 3, 2020, including two special elections for U.S. Senate. Your Vote is the most important duty as a citizen of the USA. Vote! (See link of candidates below.)

Vote With Reverence.

Vote With Pride.

Think Twice!

All You need to know about November 3, 2020 election, here. Check your candidates now.,_2020


If you say the truth, you don’t need a good memory.

There is nothing like a trustworthy person. It gives you a sense of harmony, love, respect, transparency. It is an unparalleled legacy and also an honor to inspire others in a positive way. There are people with whom one gathers and goes out edified. There are others that steal all the energy because they are troubled, negative and never tell the truth. Fast talker are liars, and they need to have a good memory until shame catches up with them.

No hay nada como una persona confiable. Te da una sensación de armonía, amor, respeto, transparencia. Es un legado incomparable y también un honor inspirar a otros de una manera positiva. Hay personas con quienes uno se reúne y sale edificado. Hay otros que roban toda la energía porque están preocupados, son negativos y nunca dicen la verdad. Los habladores, casi siempre son mentirosos y necesitan una buena memoria hasta que caen en la vergüenza.

Finally, Elections are over.

The people spoke while the rainbow beside the Capitol during sunset is a reminder of who is really in control. A lesson to be learned. For now, Have faith.


It has never been more important to vote than now, but who is the lesser of the two evils? Here is how to vote. Just answer truthfully.

Would you trust the person you want to vote for to:

  1. Handle your retirement portfolio?
  2. Be your personal financial adviser?
  3. Be  you marriage counselor?
  4. Be your children’s therapist? psychology?
  5. Be your children sexuality teacher?
  6. Be your children’s best friend?
  7. Be your children honesty role model ?
  8. Be your children’s example of respect for themselves and others?
  9. Be your children’s example of honesty?
  10. Be your children’s example of hard work to make a living?
  11. Be your children school teacher?
  12. Teach your children how to solve problems with decency?
  13. Teach your children kindness, dependability and good words?
  14. Teach your children self confidence and character?
  15. Teach your children obedience and yet positive attitude?
  16. Teach your children not to cheat?
  17. Teach your children accountability, not poor excuses?
  18. Teach your children money without education is a curse?
  19. Teach your children importance of faith?
  20. Teach your children the fear of God?

Now, go and VOTE. You just got the right one for the future of your family and the country.


The Day Trump Became a Puppet

It seems like on the best day of Trump’s life, he got a call from Putin that fattened his ego like never before. My imagination goes like this:

Putin: You are the smarter guy I’ve even known. You can even become #POTUS if you wish.

Trump: I know that. I’m actually dreaming of it for a long time.

Putin: OK. I can help you with that. I know how to put you in the #WH. Guarantee.

Trump: Let’s talk.

… Putin portrayed the plan, the conditions and the key cards to play in the administration to work as smooth as possible. They got the complete organization chart for the campaign and for the administration as President of the United States of America. Something like this but with names on each box.

[[File:US Department of State organizational chart.svg|US Department of State organizational chart]]
But their plan was more complete. Their chart included a name from President to the cook and everything in between. It also included the replacement cards in order for the plan to work perfectly. The betrayal, the pitch, the slogan, actions and reactions, and of course… Money and sanctions!

The day the nation cried. The day Trump’s castle starting to crumbling down.

Was it worthy dragging the businessman reputation for the catastrophic administration? Was it right jeopardizing the integrity of the entire family ties for the sake of greed and an unsatisfied ego? Was it honorable and rewarding showing the world his most intimate weaknesses and incompetent point?

Charges, indictment, justice, consequences and shame.

Big mistake. Big regrets.

The Value of “Honesty”

Honesty is a moral positive value of human life. It’s intended to inspire, to bring confidence, to offer trust through a clear and transparent conscience. It is what make us authentic and pushes us to always place trust first before any self interest. Base on honesty is how we expect justice to work. Honesty doesn’t require of personal interpretation of the law. It takes a person to a higher level of conduct and moral principles. Honesty doesn’t trick or hide. It shines by itself just like the sun shines on the entire earth day in and day out. Honesty seek peace, love, help, kindness and respect for others. Honesty is what WE, the people of the USA, expect from our leaders.

El valor de “Honestidad”

La honestidad es un valor moral positivo de la vida humana. Su intención es inspirar, brindar confianza, ofrecer confianza a través de una conciencia clara y transparente. Es lo que nos hace auténticos y nos empuja a confiar siempre primero ante cualquier interés propio. La base de la honestidad es cómo esperamos que funcione la justicia. La honestidad no requiere una interpretación personal de la ley. Lleva a una persona a un nivel superior de conducta y principios morales. La honestidad no engaña ni se esconde. Brilla por sí solo al igual que el sol brilla en toda la tierra día tras día. La honestidad busca la paz, el amor, la ayuda, la pequeñez y el respeto por los demás.

Honestidad es lo que la gente de los Estados Unidos esperan de sus líderes.


Safety First. It’s Just Common Sense

We always want to make sure that “Safety is First” and that people are responsible to practice their professions. Authorities make sure people are safe. That’s why there are all kind of rules and regulations, test and licenses imposed:

  • License to drive
  • Enforced use of seat belts in cars, planes and toddlers chairs.
  • Degree to become a doctor to save lives.
  • Degree to become a lawyer to defend wrong doing or evil.
  • Degree to become a religious leader to help saving souls.
  • Even a degree + 1 year internship to get a license to deal with dead people.
    but no degree, license or test to buy a weapon to practice evil and kill the same people who the government, doctors, lawyers and religious people try to save.

We know that we have had children and young adults killing at school and even parents and siblings killing each other at home. Teenagers who got bored have gone out in a killing rampage.

Base on the premise that children are good people, parents are responsible defenders of the first amendment, and that the NRA wants more good people with guns to defend themselves from the evil ones.

Meditate on each question. Close your eyes. See your/a child. Place your hand in your heart. See the pain of a parent with a child in the grave.

  • What age should your/a child learn to kill to defend from evil?
  • What’s the age of accountability for a child to bring a gun to defend from the evil student:
    • Kindergarten?
    • Elementary school?
    • Middle school?
    • High school?
    • College?
  • Have you ever imagine yourself in a place where everyone, the good and the evil, are carrying a weapon?
  • Can you see your good children at school or college seated beside another good child or evil one carrying a weapon?
  • Can you see yourself, in your own home with your children and yourself having a heated argument knowing you all have a weapon?
  • Can you just imagine going to work and having everyone showing how strong they are with their gun on a desk?
  • What about the crazy drivers all carrying a weapon ready to fire if you look twice at them?

Safety First. It’s Just Common Sense.

Note: if this article comes to you at a time of grief due to violence, please receive my condolences.

Legal To Buy A Gun, Illegal To Use It.

After the massacre in Las Vegas, I have heard so many ridiculous excuses and explanations to procrastinate the conversation or ignore it all together. When a person is morally and economically compromised to serve someone, nothing can be done, nothing can be achieved. That’s how we got here to the 9th month of a presidency that have achieve nothing more than chaos at the White House and chaos in the world. I do not expect any control in the purchase of weapons. Why? beyond the second amendment, this is a dirty business with enough money to buy not only conscience but also souls.  From the stupid excuses the one that has shocked me most is the claim that the murderer bought his arsenal legally but made illegal use of them. The question is. For what the hell does someone need so many guns? Why is there no limit to the number of weapons someone can acquire? Where is common sense? People defend the use of weapons right and left as if they were decoration items. Yes … it is possible that the wall is the place where someone wants to display his weapon, but not cover a complete wall with them.

When the morals and integrity of people can be purchase in any fashion, there will always be sufficient reasons to protect that which a pure heart or mind can’t process.

The World We Are Leaving Behind To Our Children

We are leaving to our children a world full of hate, bitterness and intolerance.

A world where everything is solved by screaming, insulting, offending, humiliating and harassing.

A world where evil becomes good and the good is perverted.

A world where morality is over, ethics and professionalism are things of the past.

Mass shootings USA

A world where if someone is bored or does not like something or someone, simply eliminates it without disgust.

A world where violence is fed every day by our leaders in government and social media.

A world where everything we want, even if we do not need it, we must have instantly.

A world lacking of role models.

Youth Firearm Deaths by StateA world confused between freedom and debauchery.

A world where families members are strangers.

A world where technology is used to plan evil.

A world where friendship, love, laughter and care are reduced to an image or a forward message.

Vegas Shooting.JPG

PHOTO: People scramble for shelter at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, Oct. 1, 2017, in Las Vegas. (David Becker/Getty Images)

A world that worships evil in what we wear and the lyrics we sing.

A world where parents don’t have peace when their children are at school.

Syrian Boy In this still taken from video provided by Aleppo Media Centre, a child sits in an ambulance apparently after being pulled out of a building hit by an airstrike. Photograph: Aleppo Media Centre

A world where children are no longer safe.

A world where every child must learn to kill to survive.

A world where selfishness counts more than the well-being and safety of people.

A world in need of God.

A world in need of prayers.

Lord have mercy.


Thank you Dad and Mom

When I see so much disrespect towards woman or anyone, I give thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ for the parents I had. My parents taught us character, respect and moral values. We were taught to say Yes, Yes and No, NO!  We were taught early in life that values are not negotiable not even for the best job or money. Bully and values starts at home. This is a parent responsibility and it cannot be endorsed to the school, church, authority, government, caretaker or grandparents. Once old… it’s too late. It brings shame to the families and from there to the communities, nations and the world.

” A tree that grows crooked nobody can straighten it” My Dad.