At first, I felt sorry when I saw the crane but, then I thought… it’s out walking and eating alone (they get abandoned)  but still it’s living life.  I normally go out for a walk every day but at times I made excuses not to go.

My testimony of a 10 years experience working with one of the biggest multinational companies. What was different? “My golden years.”

I was just coming out of my school when I got hired as a file clerk for Multinational Company in Colombia. I knew some English and I was ambitious. I’m glad that was a learning experience to me that shaped my life forever. Today, I can see clearly the difference.  Apart from technology, the influence of the government and other external factor, I know why people don’t experience “golden years” at work.

Whether you are in a position of leadership or you are a subordinate,  you will learn the difference as you respond to the following questions: Continue reading “Do You Have a Great Boss? Are You One?”

In the past, artists almost always painted cotton ball like skies; today, God has showed us lot of drama in the skies.

“If your child prefers to meet with their friends at their home or by social media, you got a problem. If they prefer to meet at your house and enjoy social media openly with you, you are lucky.”

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