They don’t need a perfect parent, they need you!

It would be great to have a degree in parenting, but no. Parenting is not a synonym of perfection.  As parents, we strive to give the best to our children, but when we want to become perfect parents, we are setting up the stage for failure and rebellion. Remember, just as you would like your child to do his best and to give his best in every thing he does; one day, your adult child will also recognize you did your best and gave your best to them, with what you got from life. It’s that simple…

Millennials, also known as Generation Y or the Net Generation face when trying to find a balance between work, school, friends, social media, recreation and family time:

  1. Parents work: This can be very stressful especially if the parent have a job that demands physical or mental strength or if they are single parents.
  2.  After school activities: Many parents have no choice but keeping their children busy in after school activities. Many dedicate lots of time to sports with little to no time to discover the wonders of the world by reading and investigating.
  3. Children know more technology than their parents: This is a big disadvantage, especially if the parents don’t like technology, don’t want to learn it or just don’t care about it. Terrible mistake! It exposes children to live a double life: One at home and another based on social media.
    “If you choose to be a millennial parent,  you MUST learn Millennial’s   stuff.” – D.Reese

    Quality time together: It has become “restaurant time”. Remember, your children are not going to share their problems at the restaurants. At time all they need is to know their parents are in the next room at home; that gives them sense of security and love.

  4. A parent’ responsibility: Once you choose to become a parent, you cannot endorse it to the government, church,  school,  counselor, or relatives. They help, and we should demand professionalism and ethics; but in the end,  the responsibility of parenting is yours.
  5. Remember, you are first a parent, then a friend.

How do you deal with your millennial child?

2 thoughts on “They don’t need a perfect parent, they need you!”

  1. I really do love your writing and your blog.Thank you for stopping by mine. I love when people go into my archives. Too many times we just find someone we connect with and we just want to hang out with them. Kind of like I did here this morning. Funny, I’ve had people ask me to write more. They just want what comes next, but I have a few hundred posts starting several years ago that no one ever saw because back then I was writing for just me. Not even caring if anyone saw what I wrote. Just needing to get it out. Having to write. I think you know what I mean. In fact, I know you do. But I appreciate when someone goes through my backdoor sometimes like you did and stops by and comments there and doesn’t hang out just on my front porch waiting for my next post.
    Though I appreciate any reader!

    You asked for some suggestions… I really love metaphors and so I connect with your writing. You my friend are a lover of a good metaphor too. I can tell!
    Usually a new blogger doesn’t go to the trouble of connecting their profile and wordpress address to their gravitar and you did so you are 3 steps ahead of everyone else. It is frustrating when you read an inspirational comment by someone on another blog and you go try to see what their blog is like and you click on their name/face/gravitar and it leads no where. So I always try to encourage new bloggers to do that first.
    Also, I didn’t find your ABOUT page. Did I just miss it? That is where a lot of people go first so if you haven’t posted one, it is worth your while to take the time and share a little about you. Who you are. Why you write. Something particularly emotional or life changing that has happened to you Etc. It just helps people connect with you!
    Hope that helps a little! I hope to share our journeys! Thanks for finding me!


    1. Thank you so much. Today is a year since my mom’s funeral. I miss her so much but I know she wants me to be strong, so I’ll be!


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