Nature’s Lesson of Beauty

Nature’s Lesson of Beauty

Beauty is “when the outside of the subject that satisfies the senses is in harmony with the heart and the head” by Diana Reese

Nature’s Lesson of Beauty

Look at the healthy thorns the roses have;

They please my heart, they nurture  my day and mind.

See  the garden with flowers, weeds and many colors,

and the dry leaves that sing when you walk by.

Here comes my mother to brew the coffee,

and the baby crying to be in her arms.

There are pine cones on the floor for the Christmas tree.

and a pine tree that we will take home.

See trees clapping to ease the heat in the burning day,

and the birds  singing to cheer you up.

See the butterflies and bugs talking in the garden

and a rainbow smiling behind the gray,  blue, and white sky.

See your friends and mates ready to lift you up,

and the swift relief they are there for you.

See your heart in harmony in the rain or sunshine

and a your great self in the mirror’s life.


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