Category: Nature

God’s Beautiful Nature

We took a break today to enjoy God’s perfect nature at the Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, FL. The weather was perfect. The butterflies, exotic birds and the relaxing music in the garden, made of this day a special one.

Strong Root Is The Key

Strong and deep roots do not occur on their own. These trees have overcome the inclemency of weather: sun, water, hurricanes, wind, heat, cold, plagues and the abuses of man. Today they stand tall and strong. They made it through it all. It’s also amazing to see how even though each branch takes a different direction, they come from the same root, the same trunk. They survived together; they needed each other to become what they are today. Some are robust and some are twisted; but today, after hundreds of years, they are proudly pointing to the skies, lifting their hands… praising the creator… Don’t give up.