Do You Have a Great Boss? Are You One?

My testimony of a 10 years experience working with one of the biggest multinational companies. What was different? “My golden years.”

I was just coming out of my school when I got hired as a file clerk for Multinational Company in Colombia. I knew some English and I was ambitious. I’m glad that was a learning experience to me that shaped my life forever. Today, I can see clearly the difference.  Apart from technology, the influence of the government and other external factor, I know why people don’t experience “golden years” at work.

Whether you are in a position of leadership or you are a subordinate,  you will learn the difference as you respond to the following questions:

  1. Are your workers eager to go to work?
  2. Do your people give the best of them each day by conviction?
  3. Are you a motivator? Do you encourage your team? Do you trust your people?
  4. Do you address the problem? The person? Both?
  5. Do you get the work done only under threat?
  6. Are you stressed out all the time?
  7. Are your employees hanging in there just for the payment?

At work, the rules where simple: The supervisor had the task of hiring his team. Once he has selected his team, he couldn’t fire anyone unless it was an ethical issue, like stealing. The supervisor have the task to train, teach, coach, help, guide, motivate, pursue, talk, etc., to the employees he had hired to make sure they succeed. If the supervisor have to fire someone due to low performance it was seeing as the supervisor’s inability to train, teach, coach, help, guide, motivate, pursue, talk, etc. and his job was in jeopardy.

In my golden years at work, we were a real team. We knew each other tasks, we helped each other, our voice was heard, and our schedule was flexible (only ‘YOU’ know if you can go out or not. Don’t ask for permission to go to a Dr. Appointment, or to do some errands.) We were all so responsible, it was not unusual to see someone working at midnight, early morning, weekend or holiday to finish a task. It MUST be done… well done and on time. It always was.

I remember in 1985 we were changing from manual accounting to computerized. It was a very hard work. At times 24 hours or more at the office. The company wanted everyone focused; therefore, the company sent home delivery dinner from the best restaurant to the families of those parents (employees) who had to double their shift. “We want your family happy and we want to remove the stress of the dinner from mom.” I also remember my supervisor telling me “negrita go study. I cover you 1 hours or 2” He knew I was in college, in final exams.

To this day, we are all retired, in different places and countries. We are still good friends.  I will always be grateful to the Lord for those wonderful years of my life.


2 thoughts on “Do You Have a Great Boss? Are You One?”

  1. Anyone with an employer like the one mentioned above; consider yourself blessed! Good employers are getting harder & harder to find, and a lot of them these days simply do not care about their employees.


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