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Thank you Dad and Mom

When I see so much disrespect towards woman or anyone, I give thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ for the parents I had. My parents taught us character, respect and moral values. We were taught to say Yes, Yes and No, NO!  We were taught early in life that values are not negotiable not even for the best job or money. Bully and values starts at home. This is a parent responsibility and it cannot be endorsed to the school, church, authority, government, caretaker or grandparents. Once old… it’s too late. It brings shame to the families and from there to the communities, nations and the world.

” A tree that grows crooked nobody can straighten it” My Dad.

What The Heck Is Going On In The World? (My own opinion.)

Apart from the subject of politics, we have become a society of “instant satisfaction.” It’s OK to be fast, it’s great to have quick responses but to pretend changes in life must be instant, it’s problematic.  Today we accept sabotage, we oppose to anything and everything in most cases just to call attention, to let someone or the world know “I’m here, I matter, and I’m powerful.” Here are some facts. Continue reading “What The Heck Is Going On In The World? (My own opinion.)”