What The Heck Is Going On In The World? (My own opinion.)

Apart from the subject of politics, we have become a society of “instant satisfaction.” It’s OK to be fast, it’s great to have quick responses but to pretend changes in life must be instant, it’s problematic.  Today we accept sabotage, we oppose to anything and everything in most cases just to call attention, to let someone or the world know “I’m here, I matter, and I’m powerful.” Here are some facts.

  1. The desire for an instant acceptance makes me intolerant to others, whose priority is not instant. Ex: I can’t wait, I can’t take it, and I can’t just shut up and listen or wait peacefully while the cashier, after a long day on his feet, does his best to take my order and attitude.
  2. The desire to reach a large audience instantaneously, pushes me to do or say whatever in order to call attention and get an instant and satisfactory response. Ex: a Tweet to vent, a virus video, a mass murder killer.
  3. The desire to show power makes people do and to oppose the unreasonable things just to show how much “I can do.” Ex: Republicans vs. Democrats, black vs. white, top vs. bottom, private health care vs. Obamacare; or just yes vs. no. As long as I oppose and impose my view, “I got it”, ha ha ha… selfishness at its best.
  4. The desire to be controversial in a fast changing world. Ex: New tweet government style, new meaning hair style, new  controversial lyrics in music, new ways of protesting or organizing one,  or the most recent in Colombia the now “triple love or “multiple love” weddings.
  5. Lack of character: Ex: People accept many things they don’t like, or don’t agree with, but the position, the salary, the benefits, the inner circle are things “I don’t want to give up.” Ex:  A persons who accepts a supervisor’s harassment for the sake of the job.

It all comes down to a tremendous Lack of Self-Confidence. It’s my belief that if I know who I am, I don’t need to do so many stupid things or accept them, just to brighten up in a cloudy and muddy world.

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