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Memories From The Heart

Quarantine has not been too terrible at all. After all, when we don’t have control of what’s going on in the world, it’s best to try to do something that takes the mind away from the issues

My husband and I decided to give a new look to our home, so we painted the inside. It was a longggg project because our painter’s helper didn’t show up to help. The poor guy was on his own for 1 1/2 weeks. But again, I feel good, no need to rush and somehow we helped each other. We took time to go through so much stuff and I found beautiful memories from childhood, with my family, friends and more. Pictures with my high school students (my kids, as I call them) and those wonderful challenging days. Many of my kids are in my FB, today with their own families.

I also took time to go over a painting I did. It’s an oil on a 14 x 16 canvas from my mother. That picture has so much memories of my beloved mom who in July 29 will be 4 years in heaven. The picture was taken on Christmas days 2015, while she was at the hospital recovering from a small fracture in her lumbar area. On that day, she was in so much pain. I invited her to take the challenge on the wheelchair and go outside the hospital room to watch the Christmas decorations. She reluctantly accepted it. Ouch, that was painful! To my surprise, she paid no attention to the lights but to a little baby girl. I could see that she wanted to be close that cute baby. Her mother also noted it but hey, it’s a hospital and who knows what’s the problem with this elderly woman, I think crossed by her mind. The baby’s mother asked me what’s wrong with my mom and when I told her, then, she brought the baby to my mom. It was like a miracle healing. The pain was gone and my mom was so happy. I painted her like and angel, because that’s what she was to my mom at that moment. My painting is now getting framed and my house clean and neat. I’m here sharing my story with you to tell you that quarantine has not been what I would have chosen, but so far, I have made the best of it. Have you?

Forever in my Heart
I Love You Mom.