The Power Within The Courageous Women Of Today

In a world that seems spinning faster than ever before; a world filled with so much controversial arguments, thoughts, feelings and decisions, woman has shown that she can put to work in amazing ways her God-given maternal protection gift. The controlled and undermined category  women have been submitted to, is now a subject of the past. The fight for equality, the access to higher education and to work in homogeneous industries, has brought her to positions that were solely for men, whether they were educated, ignorant, opportunistic or just “powerful.”

Each struggle for dignity and respect have come to a point where the roles are now shifted. Men are now in a constant stay of awareness that with her unbreakable determination, women have earned social, economical and ethical respect. The fight is not over. Men now knows that she will no surrender to belittle considerations and that she will continue protecting her loved ones with all that is in her.


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