When I Think of a Child

When I think of a child, I normally think of a healthy child.
I see him chasing a butterfly,
I see him playing in the backyard.
And I see a book that has begun to write.

When I think of a child, I also think of God.
I see happiness and joy.
I see protection and success.
And  I see a mother feeding him in the middle of the night.

When I think of a child, I think of a song.
I see them singing “We Are The World”
I see them being just children, just that.
And  see the future men and the future dad.

But that’s not always the case.

When I think of a child, I don’t always think of a healthy one.
I see the crying one as well as the begging one.
I see their mothers’ pain
And their miserable lives.

When I see a hurting child,
My hearts shakes my strong faith;
But then I see God’s hand,
And God’s love in a different way.

I see how lucky I am.
I see how much we learn in pain.
I see compassionate hearts,
And protection in death.

But that’s not always the case.

When I see a happy and a sad child,
I see how fair and unfair life is at the same time.
I see people doing their best from what they have
And see people showing the worse of what’s in their hearts.

When I see a child, just a child
I see their loving and tender eyes.
I see leaders coming to God.
I see God answering to their cry.

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