New Year, New Motivations and Resolutions

As I was having my coffee thought this morning, I made some resolutions for 2018 based on motivations. Motivation is what pushes us to act, so I’ll try to keep them simple. Motivation: Read the Entire Bible – Meditation. Listening the Bible while exercising  is a great way to get body and mind in shape.   By having the app in my mobile, it allows me to listen to it in an organize way and to meditate in the Word. It also helps me to start the day in a positive tone and to keep the perspective of life. Motivation: Stay Healthy. Find a new Primary Care Dr and set my appointment. I have had no luck with Doctors in my area. I had one and she moved to Fort Pierce; then, I found another and he moved to Alabama. I started to go to walking clinics whenever I needed care. It’s time to have a real doctor. Motivation: Avoid anxiety. Organize

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