All I Want To Say Is “Thank You Lord.”

Thank you  for the new day.

Thank you for life.

Thank you for your love and protection.

Thank you for all you do for us each day.

Thank you for providing for our needs.

Thank you for the strength to do the things that are challenging to me.

Thank you for my husband, my family and friends.

Thank you for the mountains, the sea, and the beautiful skies.

Thank you for your word.

Thank you for being in control of my life.

Thank you for saying “yes” and “no” to my prayers.

Thank you for shaping me in ways I don’t always understand right away.

Thank you Lord. Because of you I have hope and faith.

Thank you for understanding my deficiencies.

Thank you for the people you put in my way.

Thank you for grace.

Thank you for your mercy.

Thank you for your death at the cross and your resurrection.

Thank you for the forgiveness of my sins.

Thank you for the Holy Spirit that gives me wisdom and also convicts me.

Thank you for salvation and eternity.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Lord!

Mother Nature
Thank you for your marvelous art and nature.

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